I believe you, God. Please help me trust you.

Do you ever wake up with someone on your mind and your thought comes with a vivid picture? What do you do with that?

There’s a story in Luke, and it’s probably retold in other gospels, where the disciples and Jesus were out in a boat when a raging storm could have pummeled them to their death. Remember Jesus had been speaking to crowds of thousands and he was so exhausted his thoughts were all about peace and rest – not just rest, he needed quality sleep. Jesus boarded the ship and went to the lower part where it was peaceful and quiet. Maybe he knew his disciples were going to review the events of the past few days in their outside voices – that would not be quiet or peaceful.

Suddenly, without warning turmoil, roaring winds, and high waves came crashing toward the ship, tossing it around like a football at the game between the Packers and the Cardinals. The sea was churning, roiling and threatening to throw them into sudden death. Circumstances onboard were anything but the smooth sailing they signed up for.

The image in my mind this morning was someone I pray for every day and as I looked they were crying. What would you do? Immediately I prayed peace for their hurting heart and that God would cover them with His spirit and heal whatever was robbing them of joy. I don’t know specifics, in fact there might not be anything causing turmoil in that person’s life but God knows. I prayed for comfort.winter screen saver photo

With the storm’s intensity threatening did the disciples grab onto the backstay or latch onto the helm and prepare to go down with the ship? That might have been their first impulse but their fear gripped them and in a panic they hollered to the Master of Peace. “Master, Master, we’re going to drown! Don’t you care? How can you be sleeping when we are in such danger? Our circumstances have become unstable. Lord, we might not survive this turbulence! Please fix this or our lives are over.”

I think God specifically told this story so we would be able to look back and say, the disciples knew Jesus personally, they saw his power, they witnessed his miracles – yet when their circumstances became unstable, their fear became bigger than their faith. But here’s the thing. The disciples didn’t grab onto the physical part of the boat and resolve to go down with the ship, they called down to the Master of their Souls and pleaded for help. And what happened?

“Where is your faith?” Jesus asked. Then he looked out to the crashing waves, the chaos that threatened and said, “Peace. Be still.” At the voice of Jesus the wind stopped and the sea turned to glass. Sometimes we have to fully relinquish our hold on what can only harm us and turn it over to the Master of Peace. Calm might not be instant, but peace will replace your fear and chaos.

Jesus, Master of Peace, calm my heart when life gives me chaos. Lord, let my faith be bigger than my fear. I believe you, God. Please help me trust you.

(This photo is my screensaver. I looks like peace feels.)


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