Living a Healthy Life with HIV – book review

Reading this book answers a lot of questions about HIV. It used to be that HIV was considered a death sentence for anyone who contracted it. That’s not true and it’s well proven by the group of doctors, psychologists, nurses, and therapists who came together to write this book. HIV is a chronic disease, much like any other, it’s serious but there are treatments available today that were once unknown. Men and women who’ve contracted HIV must learn how to live with the symptoms which can be a vicious cycle ranging from physical limitations to emotional anxiety to chronic pain to poor sleep. As the authors of this book discuss in many chapters of the book, the person with HIV has to take control and be responsible for their self-care. Managing a chronic illness is as complicated as it is complex. The road isn’t easy, but this book covers the details of how to manage HIV as a chronic illness and live a satisfying life.

Read the book summary here:


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