My Mother, My Mentor – Pamela F. Lenehan

I believe all mothers are mentors. Whether they see themselves that way, whether they work at a job they get paid for or whether they stay home and work without a paycheck, every mom sends a message to her children; she is always teaching.

In her book, the author blends in-depth research of other families and her own personal experiences, to pull together data that seeks to answer the question, “Does being a working mom have an impact on my children?” The answer is, “Of course.” Was it negative or positive? This book doesn’t say kids turn out better or worse if their moms work outside the home. What this book does is brings out the role of moms as mentors and brings in every aspect of mothering I could think of. There are a number of charts and graphs used to illustrate findings of interviews and surveys from mothers, sons, and daughters, but that’s all I’m going to say about the collected data. This book was a lot more interesting than the numbers as you will see when reading this book review.

To get the full story you really need to read the book.



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