Let’s face it. Life is tough. Pray Hard!

Yesterday someone asked me about what I posted. They said – I’m so angry at how things have turned out sometimes and I wonder. Does that mean I wasn’t armored and prepared for the attack? I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I’m a human with every spiritual frailty known to man. I don’t know how you would answer that question, but this was most of my answer.God has a purpose for you

Truth. The enemy is ruthless, deceitful, wicked, evil, and a jealous liar. We think he is no more harmful than an irrational neighbor. In fact Satan’s goal is our spiritual death. He will do anything to divert our attention from God, get us to say God is our priority but then avoid spending time with him because we Have too many other things. The reason we’re encouraged to have a regular scheduled quiet time isn’t because God needs to meet us on His schedule, but so we include him in our schedule. I have trouble with this too when my life turns chaotic. It would do me well to remember that God is a God of order, not chaos so what does that tell me? My enemy knows my affinity toward distractions and he infiltrates my mind with them.

So was your armor not strong enough? I don’t think it’s about that. I think it’s that Satan knows where your veneer is thinnest and he bangs up against it till he breaks through. You know the saying get back on the horse. In this case drag yourself to the Word. Block out the distractions and put the curtain of God around you while you center all your being on him. Be laser focused on what God wants to share with you – because he knows exactly what you need right then. Did you know that a focused laser can cut steel? That’s how strong our penetration needs to be sometimes when the enemy of our soul is fighting against us. The closer you get to God the more devious the enemy of your soul becomes.

I know you do this already, so keep it up. Turn your day over to God. And keep giving Him the moments when ungodly feelings and emotions violate your peace. I hope this helps encourage you a little bit. Life is tough. PRAY HARD.


One thought on “Let’s face it. Life is tough. Pray Hard!

  1. Life is really tough.
    It seems once we know a threat, healed from the damage done and feel ready to defend… it comes from a new and unexpected direction again.
    It is hard sometimes to know if this is a particular task set by God to help me grow or the ugly and demeaning cancer that is Satan trying to kill me.
    Immediately, as I pray, whether in the course of the day, in danger or when my heart is aching… I feel so much better and stronger.
    Pray. Pray Hard.
    Got it.
    LOL, on it.

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