Google Doesn’t Know Everything

Good workI received this comment on my blog:  I see a lot of interesting posts on your website.  You have to spend a lot of time writing.  I know how to save you a lot of work. There is a tool that creates unique, google friendly articles in a couple of minutes.  Just type in google ….  And it came from someone calling themselves ‘Chairman’.

I don’t know this person’s angle and surely they don’t know me. All of you experienced bloggers out there are going to say, it’s spam, just delete it.  Of course it’s spam and it’s already deleted, but that’s not my point.  There’s a lesson here.  There are good reasons to reject assistance and invite compromise. What do you think?

Let’s put this idea into the perspective of being authentically who we are, engaging in activities we enjoy, working in a vocation we love, and relentlessly practicing our craft, while learning from the experience.  In our quest to develop expertise and strengthen our affinity for knowing what we were born to do, we cultivate the cycle where our interests match our skills, match our abilities, match our responsibilities, match our aspirations, mastermind our vision, and through rigid determination create inspiration to press on, keep learning, keep striving, and never giving up.  There is no free pass to carry us without effort into becoming the authentic person we were meant to be.  Listen in while I explain all that to Chairman.

Dear Chairman,

Thank you for your interest in the content you found on my website.  We agree on one thing. Every word written was by my hand, from my thoughts, and with a fair amount of effort. Yes, I spend a lot of time writing and it does take a lot of time.  But Chairman, for me to stop writing is to stop breathing. I have never sold even one paragraph of my writing. You see, I don’t blog for income; I blog because I love it.  It’s a simple exercise that grows my writing skill and allows me to encourage readers by conveying comfort, motivation, and joy for their day through the way words are strung together.

Letting Google create my articles robs me of the opportunity to learn by doing.  Google doesn’t know my heart and can’t empathetically impart concern for a hurting soul or confused person struggling through discouraging circumstances.  Google is a goldmine for information seekers and I don’t doubt the power of your suggested resource, but Google can never replace the sentiment of a sincere message from my heart.

I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, but Chairman, to follow your suggestion cheats me of the opportunities to be creative, increase my value as a writer, multiply my capacity, and expand my proficiencies, and sharpen my aptitude.  When I’m not writing I feel my talent diminishing and competence evaporating.

You’ve expressed concern that I am working too hard.  I love writing so much, it is not work at all.

Wishing you a day blessed with authentic joy, and work that doesn’t seem like work.






2 thoughts on “Google Doesn’t Know Everything

  1. Yes Jane if you stoped writing your own blobs I may not read them you do a great job you sure donot need someone elses words.

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