Who I am not

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning world!

It’s taken me a lifetime to figure it out why I feel like I don’t really ‘fit’ anywhere, but while listening to the 360 degree Leader CDs by John C. Maxwell, and hearing my pastor speak at intervals during a concert at our church, I had an epiphany. My purpose is to fill in the gaps. I don’t have to ‘fit’ any one place. I have a purpose and so do you.  Today’s blog is different. It will seem that it’s ‘all about me’ but in fact, I’m being this transparent today because I’ve had many conversations over the last few weeks with friends who are self-evaluating and wondering about their purpose.  And we all do it. All of us.  And we all have a purpose.  Romans 9:17  (and Exodus 9:16) are scripture proof: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” I’ve been called a servant leader, a walking inspirational greeting card, silent helper and, eternal cheerleader. But there are many things I am not.

I will never be an absolute expert at anything. I won’t be the best, the fastest, the most productive – none of that. I don’t have to be any of those things. My calling in life is to fill in the gaps. I love my life and am content to be there when someone needs assistance or a nudge in the right direction. It’s natural for me to encourage. I’ve never considered that to be a skill because it’s built-in and I’ve done nothing to nurture it. There’s more – – –

I’m not an industry expert, a writing or speaking expert, a training expert, or expert on any technical basis – and that’s perfectly OK. That’s why I never stop reading stuff that’s probably burning up my brain cells instead of boosting my psyche and self-confidence. I keep striving through more and more learning to help me with my purpose of being able to fill in the gaps.

On the other hand I think I irritate some people because of the way I push my way into learning the technical side of things. I want to soak up technical knowledge right along with the experts so I can be a helper if ever needed. I’m not a computer programmer, or a web designer, but I am a good listener and can ask analytical questions to support them when they are working on a perplexing issue or need some inspiration for new ideas.

I can best describe some of those gaps like this: Oh! You don’t have time to do that? I’ll help. You can’t figure something out? Let me try. You’re out of time and have a mundane task to do? Call me to take over so you can do something else.

So what was the epiphany that came to me while listening to a concert at church? I have been asked often: What part do you sing in the choir? And I respond: Well, what do you want me to sing? I can harmonize or sing melody. Sort of a sing in the cracks sort of person. In my head I hear harmony and rhythm. Then as I was realizing all of this, our pastor was asking us the question: Is it well with your soul? Guess what I could say right then. Yes, it’s OK. Whatever I am is because God made me this way.

So I just apply that to what I do every day. God created some to be leaders and some to be managers and others to fill specific vocations. God created me to be a gap filler. I’m going to fill in the gaps as much as I’m able for as long as I have breath.

In case I forget … remind me again who I am. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKyY8zfjBMQ


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