Ma_ic Monday

It’s Monday everyone…..Time to rise and shine! How was your weekend? Fun? Boring? Frenetic? Relaxing? Too fast and over in a flash?  And now here we are….back to what? Whatever your plan for today, it’s Monday!  How will you fill in the blank? Ma(g,n)ic!   Have you ever thought about why Monday gets such a bad rap? It is, after all, the beginning of a new week, most of us have had a couple days  to catch up: on sleep,  on errands, on household tasks, on meeting with friends,  on reading, or maybe simply caught up on nothing – enjoyed the freedom of doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g.

Have you ever noticed how cartoon characters like Garfield or Calvin & Hobbes often use Monday as their weapon of choice? And what about songs (these go back a ways) Monday, Monday by the  Mamas & Papas, and Rainy Days and Mondays  Always  Get Me Down by the Carpenters?  Monday is the day chosen most frequently as the ‘call in sick day’ – which I find baffling because Tuesday then becomes  the dreaded Monday times two.

Still not convinced? Take a tour of images on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and any public site like  one of them and compare a ‘Monday’ search to a ‘Friday’ search.  I’ll wait here…….See? Friday images are jump-in-the-air energetic and happy. Monday images are sad, somber, and snarley.

Monday is the second day of the week or it’s the first day of the week, but it’s a perfect day to get the whole week off to a great start.  1 Timothy 4:6 begins with “Be conscientious about how you live and what you teach…persevere in this….”  Our first order of the day –  Be conscientious. Even if we don’t feel like it, remember that what starts in our head will find it’s way to our heart with a bit of coaxing. Tell your head this is going to be a great day, it will be both productive, and fun.  If it’s neither of those, act as if it is  until your heart gets the message. “Today is a good day, I can accomplish what I set out to do, and if something gets in the way, I have the ambition and the intelligence to  find a better path.”  Monday’s are prime for planning, preparing, performing, and praying.  Psalm 32:6 (NET) says Everyone of your faithful servants should pray to you while there is a window of opportunity.  Mondays are also prime for problems, complications, obstacles and praying.  Matthew 6:6 (NET) Whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. Your Father will reward you.  Today we have virtual classrooms,  virtual meetings, virtual friendships and God will not care if you go into your virtual room to pray to Him.

So what’s it gonna be today? MaGic Monday or MaNic Monday? Are we ready to turn our world on its side and make this day a masterpiece? Yes! I’ll meet you out there!


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