Saturday comes at last …

Saturday, the day for sleeping in, recovering from a busy week, recharging for an action-packed weekend, enjoying the luxury of rest … unless you wake up with prayer on your heart and thoughts of friends in your mind. 3:18 am – Good morning, Lord. Please take care of every need of my friends who have lost their jobs; infuse them with confidence as they look for a new job. My friends who have had the flu, please heal them. And for my friends with long-term illnesses, be their strength and give them surprising endurance. Many of my friends are suffocating under financial burdens; please provide some relief.  Speak to the hearts of my friends whose lives are in chaos and give them direction.  Be the shield of those in the military and let them know you are there alongside them.  You know every need, God. You know my friends who are desperate to know you are in control. They’re worried, Lord. Please reveal your power to them in some way that they know it came from you. Lord, give us peace in a turbulent world.  As this day gets started, you know the paths we will take, the situations we’ll encounter, and you can see even beyond today. We see this moment.  Please keep us safe, be our hands and our feet, guard our hearts and fill us up with your joy, as we enter our mission field for today.

Let this weekend, let every day begin with prayer.


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