It’s a wrap!

The election is over at last. It is finished, but God isn’t. Did your first choice win? Did your first choice lose? Do you think the vote caught God by surprise? Regardless of what we think – God is in control. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House. God gets to decide what happens next. Our job is to stay faithful to what we, ourselves, are supposed to be doing. Apathy because your guy lost …

or gloating because your guy won solves nothing. If we want to effect real change in America, we have to tune in to the issues, stay informed, and be a knowledgeable influence on the goverment officials starting with our schools, communities, and state. Seriously – feeding each other’s anger is an unproductive waste of resources. The better choice is finding a channel for what we want to see improved where we live. One person can’t change the whole world, but one person can start a chain reaction – join me? No whining, just lots of praying for direction and how we can be the action toward the start of something better.

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