Shine your light

One of my first ever blog posts. So how is your day going so far?  Mine – not so great. Already I have lost a complete facebook message – typed without spelling errors I might add.  (But I can’t prove it, of course.) So what’s up with you today? I have been contemplating our missionary speaker’s message on Sunday.  I have always heard the analogy of lighting a candle in a dark world, but I had never considered the point he made about how much brighter a candle burns and how much light it produces when the room is dark.  The flame itself doesn’t burn brighter, but in a dark room it appears to bring more light. That’s my prayer for all of us. This world can be so incredibly dark. We can be surrounded by painful circumstances – bullies can bring us pain – we can have frienemies who are supposed to be our friends but they drag us down. Pretty easy sometimes to let our flame smolder – on its way to going out. Don’t let that happen.  Run, don’t walk, to your nearest real friend for an infusion of hope and confidence, and light. And if you’re the one with the flame burning bright – shine it and be the light where there is darkness. Let’s feed our hearts confidence, comfort, peace, and love so that’s what is consistently regenerating.


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